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This is the story of four young ladies from McClymonds High School Lady Warriors Championship team of 2013, for them basketball is a breath of fresh air;  an escape, a safe haven.

It gives them a chance to avoid the trappings of the urban environment that await so many young women. These girls have no plans on giving in or giving up on themselves or life. They won the Oakland O.A.L championship of 2013, but the true triumph is what they accomplished off the court.

Basketball takes them and will take them to a whole different world. The goal of this project is to let the world see a beautiful rose as it grows from the concrete.

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Find out where the ladies are now, we have updates for you as well as pictures.

Inner City Youth along with UAGM Publishing are hosting The "Full Court Press to Success" benefit workshop on February 8th from 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Get a closer look at film director Robert “Fleetwood” Bowden as he debut’s the film “I Just Wanna Ball”

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A heartfelt, uplifting experience that everyone

needs to see.

Use the film to inspire young women and bring I Just Wanna Ball to your community.

Encourage girls of your city to face their challenges and to see their adversities as opportunities. The Community Screening Program includes the option to host female basketball players, the director, and other leading female representatives of your area at your event.

Check out some of our past events here and contact us with any  questions or comments.